Splitting Oak Logs

Today we have been splitting oak logs for our latest commission – an entrance sign for the new Sylva Wood Centre near Oxford.

Splitting an oak log

We start by  cutting a slot in the end of the log with a chainsaw. And then use metal wedges to start a split in the log.

Spliting and oak log

Here Henry is chasing the split down the length of the log with another wedge. With just three wedges we can normally split any log – oak splits surprisingly easily.

Split oak log

And here is the log split. This one has come apart very cleanly – there are no big knots to throw the split off course.

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1 Response to Splitting Oak Logs

  1. Mary Cowdry says:

    I’m so excited to see the finished sign Rodas. It’ll look stunning at the Wood Centre entrance.
    The cladding looks amazing too. I tweeted some photos I took on a beautiful blue sky day – the contrast was amazing, and the post received lots of positive response.


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